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English International School offers a broad range of courses for students of all ages, starting from 3 years old onwards. All the students are guided by highly qualified teachers who use the latest teaching methodology and promote a lifelong learning experience.

The materials we use for our English courses are adapted by our teachers to meet students' needs. Alongside with coursebook materials published by Cambridge University Press we use authentic materials such as songs, movies, newspaper articles, online audio-video recordings. We believe in the Communicative Approach integrated with games, recreational and interactive activities which make lessons more fun and stimulating.

Before the beginning of each course students are given a placement test to establish their level of English. This helps us place them into the most suitable course. Needs analysis and learning styles are equal important to us and we usually ask students to complete our questionnaire and discuss their needs with our staff.

During the course students have their progress monitored through continuous language assessment in order to check their pace of learning and understanding. Students are given a report at the end of each term.

What type of course suits you?

Whether you are a three-year-old child, a manager of a business or retired, English International School has the right course for you. Learning English is possible at any age.

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